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Whilst most travelers who have never visited Bhutan may tend to think of its big cities, Bhutan is a treasure-trove of natural wonders for those who like to explore the great outdoors.

A huge percentage of Bhutan’s land mass is made up of mountains and forest. It is in record book that 70% of land in Bhutan is covered by forest and Constitution of Bhutan requires that minimum of 60% of land should be covered by forest for all the time to come. So, it is beautiful destination for hikers and travelers.

There are also some of notable hot-springs where local go for herbal treatment. Most of them are believed to be holy water where diseases such as back pain, body pain and other diseases are cured miraculously.

Whether you like to hike up in the mountains, Bike around the beautiful spring season, come to winter during snow season to enjoy snow or just come here in the country for natural hot springs Bhutan has it all.


Hot Springs

Mountains and Higlands