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5 Top Reasons to Visit Bhutan

Considered the happiest country in Asia, Bhutan is a country located in southern Asia, at the eastern end of the Himalayan ridge. Its landscape is mountainous, with peaks that reach more than 7 thousand meters of altitude and valleys densely forested.

The country has over 700,000 inhabitants who usually find comfort and cultivate good deeds through Buddhist philosophy – the official religion of the State of Bhutan.

For those who visit the region, one of the main attractions is the local architecture: the buildings and houses of the country are true works of art, with diverse paintings of dragons, drawings of flowers, portals and wheels of luck. More reasons that make Bhutan a great country to visit on vacations include

#1 A varied fauna and flora

The local fauna and flora is one of the major reasons to visit the country, because its varied habitats host very different species, many of them endemic or in danger of extinction: monkeys, deer, bears, buffalo, wild boars, snakes, leopards, rhinos, yaks, bharals, tigers and even the mythical snow

#2 Perfect  Insulation

Bhutan is a country that seems to have stopped in time, perfectly resisting all the transformations of the globalized world. On your visit, you will not find any fast-food chain, billboard with major brands or any other common image in countries of the West. This isolation makes the country a unique scenario, which can be seen in clothes, customs, and architecture.

#3 Cuisine full of symbolism and spices

The Bhutanese love spicy foods and the country’s cuisine is full of symbolism and seasoning. This includes dishes such as Ema-Datshi (peppers cooked with cheese) and  Kewa Datsh (potatoes, pepper, and cheese) which can bring an explosion of flavors.

The Bhutanese eat by hand, following the rule of Indian culture of never touching food with the left hand. But, do not worry: tourists get cutlery if they do not want to venture into that.

Rice is also guaranteed at all meals, including breakfast, while meat from animals such as goat, cow, and pig is usually served; although avoided by much of the population due to Buddhist customs.

#4 Festivals and Culture

Besides the natural beauty and excellent gastronomy, one of the biggest attractions of Bhutan is the cultural festivals that showcase the dances and traditional music of the region. Among the many festivities, highlight the Thimphu, which takes place in early October and attracts many tourists.

Due to the isolation of the rest of the world until the early 1960s, Bhutan’s rich and unique cultural heritage remains virtually intact, whether in the native language,  dances, music, sports and even in the form of dressing – women are always seen wearing Kira, whose fabric is produced manually, men also use Gho, a kind of kimono. These customs and traditions have a strong connection with Buddhism and Hinduism, especially in the south of the country. Bhutanese value their being more than having anything else. They do not mind having the coolest Smartphone, the car of the year or a movie-quality television, but rather finding a balance between material goods and spirituality.

#5 Gross Internal Happiness

Only in a country that zealously professes Tibetan Buddhism could a king pronounce the following phrase: “We are more interested in Gross National Happiness than in the Gross National Product.” The origin of the concept came from the 4th (and the most beloved) King of Bhutan, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck. It was he who developed a unique proposal in the world, inserting in the national constitution the concept of Gross Domestic Happiness as an index to be measured throughout the country. There is even a Ministry of Happiness, which plans the joy of all.

Numerous statistics place Bhutan at the top as regards happiness and obviously one among the happiest countries in the world. This in itself is already a reason to visit the country, after all, who does not want to be in a place where most people are happy?

In conclusion, if you desire to embark on new adventures, get to know exotic places and be in contact with different cultures, traveling to Bhutan may be the ideal option. The country is known as the kingdom of happiness, catching the attention of several tourists and combining simplicity with breathtaking landscapes as highlighted above.

So why wait,plan your trip to Bhutan today!





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